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Title: Aydindril, The Early Years
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Pairing: Richard and Kahlan
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Richard and Kahlan grow up together in Aydindril and have to deal with developing feelings and all kinds of trouble.
Author's Notes:  Kinda AU what could have happened. Written for [ profile] lotsbigbang 
and BETA'd by my one and only braintwin [ profile] theonlyspl Also this is the first long fic that I have written so I hope it turned out ok.
Disclaimer: I don't own them. I just like to make them do my bidding.




“Mom.” Kahlan said as she pulled away from Richard, completely embarrassed by the situation.

“I see that your time apart did little to cool your emotions.”

They were both at a loss for words.  Looking at her mother like they had wandered into some kind of trap.

“You know this is unacceptable.  You can’t be together.”

“We know mother.”

“Then why were you kissing him?”

“I love her Mother Confessor.  I know I can never be truly with her but it doesn’t matter, I love her.”

“Well, be that as it may it can never work between you and you should end it now before this causes any more heartache.”

Thinking it would be better to argue with her mother later, Kahlan quickly nodded showing her that she would listen to her advice. “Yes mother.”

“Good. Now I have a meeting and I believe you need to check on Cara.”  With that she left, leaving Richard and Kahlan to just stand there thinking before realizing they really did need to check on Cara. They left together in silence to check on their friend.


She knew what she had to do.  So as soon as she left her daughter and Richard, she started towards the Keep.  She had to talk to Zedd.  She doubted what she had said to them would dissuade them and was hoping for Zedd’s help in keeping them apart. 

Arriving at the Keep she quickly made her way through the maze of hallways to the library where she found Zedd eating a plum while reading a large book.  “Mother Confessor.  What brings you up to the Keep?”

“We have a problem Zedd.”

“What kind of problem?”

“I just found Richard and Kahlan kissing.”

“Oh that kind of problem.”

“What are we going to do about it?”

“Let me talk to Richard.  I’ll help him see reason.”

“Thank you Zedd.  I’ll leave you to your books but please speak to him as soon as you can.”

“I will. Good day to you Mother Confessor.”

She smiled at him and left, hoping that her daughter would someday forgive her for what she was doing to her and Richard.  She knew it was for the best though.  She knew all too well what heartache this would cause if it wasn’t stopped soon.

After he checked on Cara and made sure she would be okay he made his way back to the Keep.  He knew he couldn’t stay long in the palace now that the Mother Confessor was worried about his relationship with Kahlan.  Zedd was waiting for him when he got there.

“Richard, we need to talk.”

“Let me guess, you have just spoken with the Mother Confessor?”

“Yes and she told me you were kissing Kahlan.”

“I was.  I won’t deny it.”

“You know that you and Kahlan can never be more than friends.  So why put your heart through so much pain and suffering when it could be avoided?”

“It couldn’t have been avoided.  We fell in love.  It happens to everyone.”

“Everyone except Confessors.  They don’t have loves.  A confessor falling in love only ever ends in heartache.  Either they are forced to take a mate and it destroys their heart or they confess the one they love and it destroys their heart.  There is no way around it.”

“That isn’t gonna happen with us Zedd.  I can feel it.  We are different than the others.”

“I wish that were true, I really do but it isn’t.  You will pass your final test in your wizard training soon and then you will be assigned to a confessor.  I think it would be best if we assigned you to a confessor who is outside of Aydindril.  Maybe Alana, she is in Kelton.”

“I want to be Kahlan’s wizard.”

“That is a horrible idea my boy.  Your feelings are already enough of a problem without you being her assigned wizard as well.”

“But our feelings aren’t a problem and aren’t you supposed to assign the wizard who is most compatible with the confessor to her?  There is no confessor that I am more compatible with than Kahlan.  She is my best friend.”

“I know Richard but it won’t work with the two of you.  It would just complicate things more and besides, the Mother Confessor would never allow it after what she saw today.”

“What if we promised to keep our relationship professional and try to put our feelings aside?”

“Well if you did that I might reconsider but you would have to realize how hard it will be to be near her everyday and be unable to show her what you’re feeling.  It would be less painful for you both if you would go to Kelton with Alana.”

“That may be true but I know we can make this work, even if it will hurt.”

Zedd sighed knowing that he would never win this argument because Richard was right, no matter how hard it would be on them they would make it work.  “Let me discuss it with the Mother Confessor.  Besides you don’t need to even worry about this until you pass your test”

“Thank you Zedd.  This means a lot to me.”  Richard hugged his grandfather before retreating to his bedroom for the night, happy in the thought that he could soon be Kahlan’s wizard.


The Mother Confessor wasn’t too happy with Zedd’s proposal to let Richard be Kahlan’s wizard but after a long discussion she was finally convinced that this was the only way to be sure that he would keep his word and they could watch them to make sure they didn’t do anything too inappropriate.  Once Richard passed his test he would be Kahlan’s wizard, unless they proved that they couldn’t handle having a professional relationship.

Richard and Kahlan were both thrilled when they were told, even if this meant that they had to try and forget their feelings.  They both knew that would never happen and they would just need to put on a good show for Zedd and the Mother Confessor.  They couldn’t wait for the day that it all became official.

Richard would pass his test in a few days and then he would always be her wizard.  No matter what, he would be there for her.  They would be there for each other.  No matter what.  Nothing would keep them apart.


Richard passed his test with flying colors and Cara was all healed thanks to Zedd.  It was a wonderful day on the steps of the palace when the First Wizard and the Mother Confessor proclaimed that Richard Cypher would from that day forward be Kahlan Amnell’s wizard.  Everyone cheered and Leo kissed Cara, forcing Richard to fight back the urge to do the same to Kahlan.  He knew he shouldn’t but he couldn’t help but imagine her lips on his.  “Someday,” he thought to himself, “someday it will happen for us.”




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