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Title: A Break from Duty
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Pairings: Richard/Kahlan
Rating: PG
Summary: Richard takes his wife and daughters away from Aydindril, letting them have some family time.
Author's Notes:
I wrote this a couple weeks ago because I was bored. Not beta'd so bear with me.
Disclaimer: I don't own them. I just like to make them do my bidding.


It was a beautiful day. Richard was glad they could take this time and get away from the hustle and bustle of the palace. They left early, just him and his wife and daughters. They were going to spend at least one day away from the life they had. He longed to teach his daughters all the things his father had taught him about the woods.

It was nearly midday by the time they reached the secluded clearing that Richard had found on his last journey to the People's Palace. He had wanted to bring his family back here ever sense. Richard dismounted before scooping his younger daughter off the horse. She had ridden in front of him the whole way to the clearing. "Did you have fun riding with Daddy, Rebecca?"

The three year old nodded vigorously, her dark curls bouncing as he held her on his him. "Yes, Daddy!" She squealed with delight as he held her close and pulled the picnic supplies from his horse's saddle bag.

Kahlan dismounted and helped their firstborn off the horse they had been sharing. She set Taralyn down and watched as the five year old ran through the clearing, chasing the several orange butterflies that floated through the air. Soon Rebecca was joining her sister and Kahlan couldn't help but smile.

"They are perfect." Richard said, coming up behind his wife, wrapping his arms around her and resting his chin on her shoulder.

"Yes they are. I'm glad we decided to do this." Kahlan said with a dreamy sigh. "We don't get enough family time."

"You're right," he said as he pressed a kiss to her neck and moved his hand down to the slight swell of her belly. "We need more moments like this. Sometimes the people can wait. Family can't."

"I couldn't have said it better myself." Kahlan murmured happily as they continued to watch their daughters chase butterflies for a few moments longer.

The two girls ran and laughed as their parents watched. Eventually Richard remembered the whole point of this little outing was to have a picnic with his wife and daughters. He kissed Kahlan's cheek then began setting out the blanket under a large tree. The shade it provided enough to keep them slightly cooler even with the sun high in the sky.

He pulled bread and cheese from his pack as well as strawberries, knowing his daughters were just as fond of them as their mother was. Before long Kahlan was kneeling beside him on the blanket as he set up their picnic. "I think the girls will want to go exploring after we eat."

Richard smiled and took his wife's hand gently in his. "I'm sure they will and I'll teach them a few tricks I still remember from my days as a woods guide." He brushed a kiss against her knuckles before returning his attention to the picnic, his eyes glancing to her every now and then as their daughter's laughter filled his ears.

It seemed like a miracle to be able to just spend a quiet afternoon with his family. There was nothing he enjoyed more in his life. Once everything was prepared he left Kahlan sitting on the blanket, leaning slightly against the trunk of the large tree as he went to fetch his daughters. They were running in circles, trying to chase each other in a simple game of tag. Taralyn outrunning her sister, leaving Rebecca frustrated with the situation.

"Okay girls enough playing. It's time for lunch." Richard gestured over to where Kahlan was sitting and smiled at them. "You two can play more later." Quickly he scooped up Rebecca and tickled her as he walked back towards the picnic blanket. "Are you coming, Tara?" He asked with a playful glance back over his shoulder at his elder daughter.

"Yes, Daddy." She squealed, running quickly to catch up and beating him to the blanket, flopping down next to her mother.

Richard was there a moment later, sitting cross-legged with his younger daughter in his lap. "Are you two hungry?"

"Uh huh," Rebecca mumbled as she reached for a strawberry.

Kahlan just chuckled as the little girl grabbed for it. "Don't you want some bread and cheese, Becca?" Rebecca shook her head and snatched up the biggest berry in her small hands then took a large bite.

"She's just like her mother," Richard said as he ruffled Becca's hair fondly.

Kahlan just chuckled and handed Taralyn a slice of bread with cheese on it. "Why can't I have one?" She exclaimed, pointing at the small bowl of berries sitting in the center of the basket.

Kahlan rolled her eyes as Richard snatched up a berry and offered it to his daughter. Those girls had him wrapped around their fingers and there was nothing she could do about it. "You both have to eat at least some of everything," Kahlan said in her sternest mom voice.

"Okay," Becca said between mouthfuls of berry, the juice staining her fingers and running down her chin.

Taralyn merely nodded, she was anxious to go out with her father. He had told them that he was going to teach them about the forest today and she was excited. He was always so busy acting as Lord Rahl he wasn't around as much as she wished he would be. This was even more special because of it. She loved spending time with her father.

The four of them ate quietly, Kahlan eventually having to take the strawberries away from Becca before she ate them all. It really was a perfect day. After awhile Richard stood and wiped his hands on his pants. "Ready girls?" He asked with enthusiasm in his voice. It was exciting to think of teaching his children something his father had taught him all those years ago.

"Of course, Daddy." Taralyn said as she jumped up from her spot on the blanket while he picked up Rebecca.

"Okay good. You have to stick close to me, understand?"

"Yes, Daddy." Tara said with a smile. She bounded off towards the woods without another word.

Richard glanced down at Kahlan who was cleaning up the mess from their picnic. "I'll be back soon, love."

She smiled at him and nodded. "You better get going before Tara gets too far ahead."

He nodded and took off after his daughter. The girls were a handful but he enjoyed every minute of it. And one thing was certain; this was truly the perfect way to spend an afternoon. They needed more time like this, together as a family.




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